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Siren Radio: Strategy & Social Media

Written By: Giorgia Scotto Di Rosato/Molly Taylor - Cygnet PR Chairperson/Executive.

When it comes to having a social media strategy, the most important thing is having a clear message and knowing who your target audience is. Once you know who you are aiming to entertain, you need to know which social media platforms to target and what they would most like to hear from you.

Once all of this has been figured out, this is then how you can come to grips with a specific social media strategy for your desired client.

Siren Radio is a radio station which is formed of locals and university students working together as a team. They came to us and proposed that they wanted a bigger and better social media presence to get more coverage and more consistent listeners. Aside from this, they wished to be viewed as a community radio station. Once we knew this, we immediately started working on how to form a strategy to get more locals to listen to them and how to communicate their message via social media.

Another main element that should be majorly considered when creating a social media strategy is to have the ability to evaluate the outcomes; this is mainly a set of clear objectives for a few months down the road where you can see whether or not you have hit a specific set of results. Siren Radio has just started to implement the strategy that was created for them so, we are looking forward to seeing in a few months if the strategy helped change people’s perception of them.

A new challenge that we encountered was when we had to announce the strategy to the volunteers to make sure that they were aware of the objectives, along with understanding Siren Radio’s message and how to communicate it coherently and consistently on the social media platforms. It was a challenge because, usually, when we work on these kind of projects we are also the ones who actively apply the strategy. Rather, this time, we had to think of a set of guidelines that would help the volunteers fully grasp Siren Radio’s purpose and how to communicate it.

This project has not only helped us gain knowledge on how to communicate on each social media platform and how to use it to help specific target audiences, but it has also helped us understand why each element of a strategy is necessary when helping a client. Furthermore, we now understand in more depth what is needed for it to be viewed as clear, coherent and concise.

Working with Siren Radio has been very enjoyable and we hope to see great results further down the line.


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