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Team Members:
Emma Street

Caitlin Lunk

Keera Allesbrook 

We support the Oxfam Lincoln Bookshop ​through organising their social media content and helping to run and promote events. During the lockdown, the managers were furloughed and we were asked to keep the social media accounts running to ensure that there was still some interaction with customers, and we could easily answer questions and build hype once the store would reopen. We regularly posted pictures of books that volunteers were reading and celebrated volunteers week by posting quotes from current volunteers when asked what their favourite part of volunteering is. 


For reopening, we devised an online campaign that included a social media countdown that involved volunteers from the store, and we created a video to demonstrate the new rules around the shop to help make customers feel safer about shopping again. 


Currently, we are getting ready to support the shop during Christmas and when they reopen again. 

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