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Team Members

Becki Morgan - Phillips, Harry Power, 

Amy McKay, Isabelle Nixon

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Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire provide local support for local people. With an increasing number of elderly people needing their services, they need more volunteers, carers and donations. One of the big issues is that the public doesn’t necessarily know what Age UK L&SL do, therefore this project aims to clear that up and allow people to have a comprehensive view of the services provided. 




Our aim was to create 10 short videos that each focus on a different service that they provide. These will be posted on their website, YouTube page, and across their social media to better inform the public. We will also be writing several news releases focussing on some of the recent achievements of the organisation and their upcoming events, with the hopes that we can get these published in The Lincolnshire Echo or The Lincolnite. 


We will be creating graphics specifically for their social media that will include key facts from their annual report to appeal to corporate sponsors and also advertise their future events. 

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