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Lawyer and Client

Becoming a client
with Cygnet PR

About Us
Cygnet PR is run by students from its PR, Journalism, English and other courses with the support of a number of seasoned PR professionals who work as tutors on their programmes of study.

Cygnet PR offers public relations and communications support to not for profit organisations and micro businesses in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and occasionally beyond.
If you are a potential client you can apply to join their current rosta of organisations here.

Please bear in mind that because Cygnet PR is an extra curricular activity for the students they can only handle a small number of clients at any one time and that their primary responsibility is to their studies and gaining the best degree they can. This means they have to prioritise on a personal level their commitment to Cygnet projects.

Each month the student board of Cygnet PR meets to assess its rosta of clients and makes a judgement as to whether it has the resources to handle more. If it can, it bases its decisions on the applications received, what they offer in terms of learning opportunities and the number of students available and the skills they have.


Unfortunately this means Cygnet is not able to accept every client application, however all client applications are carefully reviewed . In some cases, where the potential client is particularly attractive, but resources at that time are insufficient Cygnet PR may suggest that a project is not immediately taken up, but may be kept on  a list of projects to engage with when resources allow.


Please tell us the following information:


Name of organisation

Name of the primary contact

What your organisation does

What you would like us to help with

The timescale you are working to

If there a budget to support the work, please note that this is not to pay for Cygnets time, but to spend on supporting media

Your details were sent successfully!

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