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Work Experience with Proactive PR

Proactive International PR offer a ten-week work experience programme, one day a week. This is designed to help the students understand the general working environment and connect with the team; whilst offering real-time work opportunities and observing how your work progresses with the clients. 

Firstly, as a friendly welcome to this post, I’ll start with some background information, I am a third year Communications and Public Relations student and I decided after my first year to transfer onto this course. I joined second year PR with limited knowledge on the industry and had a lot to catch up on. This included trying to gain as much first-hand PR experience as possible to prepare me for the world after university. This is where the background information connects to Proactive PR…


I heard about the opportunity through my university emails (so future applicants keep an eye out!) and I decided to attend the Proactive PR Pathway Programme talk which was hosted by Proactive PR CEO, Brian Dolby and Senior PR Consultant, Callie Sowerby. 

During the talk, Proactive PR’s mission was explained with a broad understanding of the PR technology industry. Briefly, they are an International Public Relations consultancy, based in Newark, who undertake the PR of high-tech companies across the world with their consultants attending international events in many countries to support the clients. The lecture continued to explain the programme, the application process and offered printed information for those interested.

 For more information on Proactive PR, visit their website -


The application process for the Pathway Programme included sending a CV AND Covering Letter to the email provided. Following this selection, they required a submission of a press release task which was set for each applicant and if successful an interview would be organised. This process can seem quite intensive however do not stress as it is all worth it; the tasks are set to show your abilities and tailor the scheme’s work opportunities around this. To optimise your time during the programme!


From my application, it showed that I had basic knowledge on writing-based PR and during university I had mainly focused on the ‘hands-on’ approaches including an Events Management module and Client Projects that were design-based. Therefore, at my interview it was explained that over ten weeks I would be offered work that could support the improvement of my writing skills but also learn new skills and tools from the professionals themselves. 

I have been at Proactive PR for five weeks and I have already been involved with writing multiple releases that are sent directly to clients; media invites for journalists; and conducting technology awards research. I regularly gain feedback on my work from both the team and the clients, as well as taking part in client calls and briefs.


I frequently hear reviews of work experience from people as “dull”, “boring”, “grabbing coffee” and “a waste of a week” and this is the main reason I was interested in the layout of this scheme. I would recommend this ten-week programme to all students who are looking for an efficient and valuable use of their time, but especially for those who feel they do not fully understand what it takes to work within a PR consultancy. As for me, I have connected with the team really well and feel included throughout the entire company including talks with Brian Dolby, CEO of Proactive PR. With another five weeks to go, the confidence I have in my PR abilities has already significantly developed from the opportunities offered to me by the Proactive PR team and I believe my skill set will continue to grow.

For all those interested in gaining work experience, I recommend attending the Proactive PR talk on 13th November 2019; where I will be joining CEO, Brian Dolby to explain the programme in depth and answer any questions.

It will be held in Bridge House (BH0101) at 12PM, 13/11/19.

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