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Who are the Cygnet Board? What do we do?

Keeping Cygnet PR up and running is the job of a board of seven dedicated students who commit their time and knowledge to ensuring Cygnet PR is the best it can be!

The board members are (from left to right): Megan Winzer (Vice-President), Kieran Rumsby (Operations Director), Eden White (Operations Director), Alanna Halsall (Operations Director), Jay Nyang (Operations Director) and Lauren Wood (President). Jasmin Woodward (Operations Director) is not pictured.

We are all dedicated and passionate about Cygnet PR and endeavour to provide support to project leads both inside and outside of Cygnet PR's meetings.

In addition to serving on the Board, most of us run our own projects within Cygnet. This enables us to be hands on in our approach to running Cygnet and also makes us more accessible to Cygnet members.

Below is a video made last year about the roles of Cygnet PR and what we get up to!

It's a privilege to be given such a hands on work experience opportunity whilst we are at University and we all work very hard to ensure Cygnet PR continues to be a very valuable asset to the University of Lincoln.

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