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A day in the life of a PR student ambassador


By Sasha Cooper

It all starts at 7am with the almost systematic making of terrible instant coffee. Then you start making yourself look vaguely human for the day ahead. This how I know that this day is an open day. After getting to uni for 8:30am, the enthusiasm sinks in and suddenly I am pretty happy with my job for the day as after all, I get to sit and chat to new potential students and talk about the university I have now been attending for three years.

I love it. I really do and I think I show the potential new students that I do as well as after a while you see their eyes light up and they give that knowing look to their parents which screams ‘I want to come here even if the weather is terrible today and I’m soaked through’. Lincoln’s weather always has a way of showing its worst on the days when it needs to shine.

A good part of PR is talking to people and being a good listener. During my various open days you would be surprised to hear about the amount of concerns a potential student may have, whether it is the course actually getting final year students into employment (we’re good at that!) or even what student accommodation is best. What also reassured parents was the mention of work experience opportunities that the course has available, more specifically the mentions of The Linc (our student newspaper) and of course, Cygnet PR.

Honestly talking about Cygnet PR is one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. I am proud to be a part of it and telling the potential students they can run projects and be as active as they want to really shows me how passionate they are about public relations. Cygnet allows the students who wish to have real world experience to have it, there are no limits in the freedom they can have.

The university allowing the students to talk about the courses and giving real advice is so important. Choosing a university or even going is a huge decision which will affect the rest of your life and so being as friendly and as informative as possible is what we try and do.

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