st Barnabas hospice

What did your client need?
St Barnabas Hospice were looking to create a short video thanking their volunteers for all the work they do, to be screened at the Celebration of Volunteers evening they were holding. 

What did you do to meet those needs?
A team of students went and filmed at each of the different 

St Barnabas Hospice locations, interviewing at least one volunteer at each location. The video was then edited into a 6 minute video and presented to St Barnabas, and was subsequently screened at the event. 

What were the outcomes of what you did?

The project managers were awarded St Barnabas' raising awareness award for the work they did. Subsequently a sub-team helped to create a series of training videos for non-medical staff members to help them deal with patient enquiries. 


Project Name:
St Barnabas Hospice
Project Leads:

Alistair Berry and Rebecca Gleave.

Project Members:
Chloe Wood, Callie Sowerby, Kim Whitty, Callum Stokes, Laura Bradley.