images for vision

What did your client need?
Photographer Peter D Barton of Lincoln, requested the help of the Cygnet team in order to gain media coverage for his photo exhibition, to raise money for the 20x20x20 charity.

What did you do to meet those needs?

The “Images for vision” exhibition took place from the 12th to the 16th of April 2016, Cygnet team members attended the exhibition to document a live feed of the event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Prior the event, the project team set up and maintained social media accounts for Images for Vision, distributed flyers and posters for the event, wrote press releases and feature articles and contacted various media sources.

Project Name:
Images For Vision
Project Leads:
Callie Sowerby and Paidiashe Chingombe.

Project Members:
Callum Stokes, Chloe Deans, Chloe Wood, Rebecca Gleave.